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Thursday 15 December 2022

 Only one in seven cases of cancer are found through screening: new research 

 Only one in seven cases of cancer are found through screening: new research 


Only one in seven cases of cancer are found through screening: new research
Only one in seven cases of cancer in the United States are detected through cancer screening, indicating the need to intensify efforts to increase survival rates through early detection.

Only 14% of cancers that are diagnosed are found through screening, according to the independent NORC at the University of Chicago. The majority of cancers are found when symptoms occur or during other types of medical care.

According to NORC, 70 percent of cancer-related deaths are caused by diagnoses that are not found through a recommended screening test.

However, there are only five types of cancer for which screening tests are available, and there is no recommended test for 57% of all cancers that are diagnosed.

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National experts recommend four screening tests: NORC says that breast, lung, cervical, and colorectal cancer account for 29 percent of cancer cases in the United States. There is a fifth prostate cancer screening, but it is not widely recommended.

The remaining types of cancer are typically diagnosed when the patient presents with symptoms, indicating that the disease has advanced to a later, less treatable stage.

Also, the effectiveness of the current tests varies, with breast cancer screenings being much more effective than lung cancer detection. This shows that there is a need for both more screenings and better tests.
A former employee of Twitter was given a sentence of 42 months in prison for accepting bribes from Saudi Arabia in exchange for user data. Democrats are suing Amazon for its "failure to improve safety" in its tornado-damaged warehouse. The American Lung Association conducted research last month and discovered that only 5.8% of Americans who are eligible for a lung cancer screening have taken the test.

A few 1.7 million Americans are determined to have malignant growth every year, and 600,000 Americans pass on from the infection, as per the Habitats for Infectious prevention and Counteraction.

In the research release, NORC senior vice president Caroline Pearson stated, "Cancer treatments have greatly improved over the last few decades, but the health system's ability to screen for cancer, which is essential for early diagnosis and effective treatment, still has a long way to go."

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