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Monday 8 November 2021

International Union of Muslim Scholars Concerned About Algeria-Morocco Rift


Rabat - The International Union of Muslim Scholars has expressed concerns over the escalating tensions between Morocco and Algeria.

Algeria cut diplomatic relations with Morocco on August 24, and the rift between the two North African neighbors has since widened amid Algiers’ unrelenting allegations of a Moroccan plot to destabilize the Algerian government.

Most recently, Algeria accused Morocco of attacking three Algerian nationals with “advanced weaponry.” With investigations ongoing to establish what exactly happened, Algeria has already vowed to “punish Morocco.” 

Amid signs of deepening bilateral crisis and fears of an all-out confrontation, the union of Muslim scholars issued a press release on Saturday to urge the two neighbors to show restraint and avoid further escalations. 

“Many destructive wars do not come from a deliberate and premeditated decision, but rather come randomly,” said the statement.

The union added that intense tensions without any “reasonable reasons” could drag the two countries into an open “military clash.”

It additionally stressed that Morocco and Algeria should refrain from adding yet another devastating conflict to the Islamic and Arab world’s already long list of “destructive wars and conflicts.” 

Directly appealing to King Mohammed VI and Algeria’s President Abdelmaddjid Tebboune, the statement called on the two leaders “to do everything in your power to restore the relations between your two countries.”

The union added, “The Algerian Republic and the Kingdom of Morocco and their leaders have a proven track record in resolving disputes and promoting peace and harmony, on the African and Arab levels.. Today, it is better for them to achieve this among themselves, thus making their peoples and their nation happy.” 

The latest tensions come on the heels of repeated “frank dialogue and reconciliation” offers from Morocco, which has long called for a political solution to end decades of mutual distrust and restore diplomatic ties.

In July, King Mohammed VI used his Throne Day speech to extend an olive branch to Algeria, describing the country as Morocco’s twin. 

Barely two weeks after the King’s speech, however, the Algerian government accused Morocco of colluding with Israel and “terrorist organizations” in Algeria to cause disastrous wildfires in the Kabylie region in northern Algeria.




by  fatima zahra issar


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