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Sunday 4 July 2021

Separatism: Pedro Sanchez "will never support the self-determination referendum" in Spain but not in Morocco

 Separatism: Pedro Sanchez "will never support the self-determination referendum" in Spain but not in Morocco


Separatism: Pedro Sanchez "will never support the self-determination referendum" in Spain but not in Morocco


 The head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, has said over and over again, and most recently, that he would never support the self-determination referendum in Catalonia, a pro-independence region in Spain. A speech that contrasts with the maneuvers of his government aimed at undermining the territorial integrity of Morocco in the Sahara issue. In Spain, on the issue of separatism, it is double standards. Pedro Sanchez, whose government had dissolved the regional executive of Catalonia, applied the most severe sanctions against separatists accused of sedition, after the self-determination referendum, clearly declared that he was against a new self-determination referendum . Yet an overwhelming majority of Catalans want this independence. And it is the same Catalan population who expressed themselves for independence in the 2017 referendum, which was deemed illegal since the Spanish courts did not allow it. If today, in loss of speed and popularity the socialist party, the PSOE, and at its head Pedro Sanchez, attempted reconciliation with the dissident region by pardoning the members of the regional government to "turn the page", the problem always remains present. "Let us focus on solutions and seek meeting points", he declared Tuesday at the end of the Council of Ministers having given the green light to this grace, thus wanting to advocate "harmony" and "turn page ”of the“ punishment ”step. "This is a decision for the benefit of the Catalans," said the prime minister, aware that the imprisonment of the Catalan leaders angered the population of the region by seeking to end the "confrontation". He became clear, "there are no definitive guarantees", referring to the potential success of this process of grace. He added that "forgiveness, unlike the amnesty that some are asking for, does not deny the existence of the crime. It only means forgiveness ”. "There will be no self-determination referendum" in Spain The head of the Spanish government recalled only a few hours after his meeting with Pere Aragonès, the Catalan president, that "there will be no referendum of self-determination", when Spain tries to undermine the efforts of the Morocco aiming to find a political solution to a similar conflict, in its southern provinces, namely the Sahara. Morocco, too, refuses the self-determination referendum, but not for the same reasons as Spain. If in Spain, the Catalan population is well enumerated and the referendum can be done without any problem, in Morocco, the Sahara conflict has been fabricated, and fueled and instrumentalized by other parties for more than thirty years. In Morocco, the Sahrawi populations come from different families and ethnicities, and the Polisario separatists, by the admission of former supporters, admitted that most of the “Sahrawis” in the Tindouf refugee camps in Algeria are from Mali and Algeria and have no relation to the Sahara. And Algeria, which welcomes the separatists, refuses to allow populations to be counted. For more than 30 years, Brahim Ghali, the leader of the separatists helped by Algerian generals plotted to exterminate the Sahrawi populations of origin, some of whom had Spanish nationality during the time of Spanish colonization. And this is the whole object of the many complaints for torture, enforced disappearances and murders that have been filed by the victims and families of victims in Spain, but that the Spanish justice does not want to consider and which allowed Brahim Ghali at the beginning of June to return to Algeria as a free and innocent man. Spain, which strongly rejects separatism on its land, cultivates it elsewhere, in Morocco. The reception of the leader of the separatists in Spain who is the subject of numerous complaints, under a false identity and indicating that he is part of the Algerian diplomatic staff to deceive the Spanish customs, and not to pass an identity check, prove. Faced with the unprecedented diplomatic crisis between Madrid and Rabat, Secretary of State Manuel Muñiz recently indicated that his country has supported "from the start what the United Nations Security Council has requested, namely that a dialogue be conducted. between the Sahrawi and Moroccan parties on the status of the region ”that it be done under the auspices of the UN, the UN Mission Minurso, not recognizing the real opposing party, Algeria, which guides the separatists as puppets and which the UN has determined as a part of the problem. For Sanchez, for there to be a self-determination referendum in Spain, “those who defend it should succeed in convincing 3/5 of the Assembly and that the Spaniards then ratify it by their vote”, displaying a desire to include the entire Spanish population in the vote, something which is not allowed in the case of Morocco, without forgetting that Algeria refused to take into account the local populations of the Sahara, wanting to count only dissenting votes in Morocco , those who have been brainwashed and conditioned to claim independence for lands they have never inhabited. And while Spain rejects Catalonia's independence en bloc, it is the country, outside Algeria, which welcomes the most separatists from Morocco, many of whom are of Algerian origin, by offering them refugee status. It is also the country that offers the children of the Tindouf camps summer vacation programs with Spanish families, and it is also the first country to complain to the new Biden administration about the decision of the previous one. administration to recognize the sovereignty of Morocco over the Sahara, it is also the country which pushed Germany to request an emergency meeting of the Security Council on this subject.

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