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Thursday 8 July 2021

Previous helper to John McCain says he 'had such little regard' for Trump

 Previous helper to John McCain says he 'had such little regard' for Trump 

Previous helper to John McCain says he 'had such little regard' for Trump

A previous helper to Sen. John McCain says that the late Arizona Republican was resolute by previous President Trump's rehashed affronts since he didn't regard him.

"It didn't trouble him a piece since he had such little regard — he had no regard for Donald Trump at any rate," Grant Woods told reformist PAC MeidasTouch in a webcast talk with this week that was first detailed by HuffPost.

"McCain truly didn't invest barely any energy pondering Trump or stressing over Trump or any of that," Woods said. "He called it from his perspective, and he thought Trump was a poop chute, and he thought he was a simpleton. Furthermore, on the off chance that he invested any energy in it, it was in doing whatever it takes not to say that openly however much he thought it."

Both previously and during his time in office, Trump consistently talked disparagingly about McCain, venturing to such an extreme as to laugh at the possibility that the 2008 Republican official chosen one was a legend in view of his time as a captive (POW) in Vietnam.

Trump tried not to be drafted into the Vietnam War by means of a progression of understudy and clinical suspensions, HuffPost revealed.

Woods, a previous GOP head legal officer for Arizona who is presently an enlisted Democrat, said on the webcast that McCain, who passed on of mind malignant growth in 2018, got vexed about the comments solely after having a preservation with his POW companions.

"It's one thing for John McCain, where he was, to go, 'No doubt, who cares?' But for these folks, their character, their life was enveloped with being a POW," Woods said.

"So to then have somebody broadly say, 'Hello, you're not a legend. That is all counterfeit.' That wasn't on the right track to put a 80-year-old person through that by then," he added. "They are legends, and I'd never heard anybody say in an unexpected way."

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