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Wednesday 7 July 2021

Algeria: Nearly 200 bathers caught by sudden discomfort

 Algeria: Nearly 200 bathers caught by sudden discomfort

Algeria: Nearly 200 bathers caught by sudden discomfort

Nearly 200 swimmers at a beach in Algeria suffered suddenly from lung disease and symptoms of poisoning. The authorities have still not determined the origin of the ailments which also affected members of the civil protection, but the hypotheses are fired.

This weekend, in particular Sunday, vacationers who came to bathe in the place of Ténès in Algeria spent the rest of their day in the city's hospitals, suddenly taken by discomfort and breathing difficulties.

On Sunday, according to initial estimates, 178 people, including lifeguards from the Civil Protection, were poisoned and hospitalized with symptoms of fainting vomiting, cough and redness in the eyes, in addition to difficulty in breathing.

On the spot, the wali of Chlef declared on national television that the waters were completely healthy and denied the possible pollution of the water. However, the beach will be closed to swimming as a precaution, he said, pending investigation and analysis of water samples in laboratories in the capital Algiers.

Those there had described shocking scenes in which dozens of people suffered from respiratory ailments, passed out, and even without bathing in the water. No particular odor was noted.

"We carried out physicochemical analyzes which showed that the waters were not polluted," said the wali of the region without indicating the origin of the people's discomfort. "The suspicions are on a cargo ship carrying cattle, moored at the port of Chlef," he added.

In addition, the wali ordered the shutdown of the Ténès desalination plant, to prevent residents from drinking polluted or toxic water, as a precaution.

Since Sunday, speculation has been on the cause of the poisoning, which has led nearly 200 people to hospital. For some, this would be a contamination of the water by feed intended for livestock, while for some scientists, the hypothesis of the presence of algae which would release toxic gases would be the most plausible, and c is what would explain the pulmonary affections noted in the non-swimmers.

"Of the 193 people admitted to the hospital in Ténès on Sunday evening, 7 spent the night there and left this health establishment on Monday at 7 am after receiving the necessary care," said the head of the hospital. prevention the local Directorate of Health and Population (DSP), Dr Nasreddine Benkartalia, in a statement to the official Algerian press agency APS.

According to him, those taken to the hospital inhaled a gas that was spread by the wind. "No assumption will be overlooked but, of course, the most plausible is that relating to the spill of a boat lying off Ténès feed," he said.

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