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Tuesday 18 May 2021

Terms And Conditions

 Terms of Use

bestmaxmagzine should not be used for purposes that violate the Sharia and the terms and conditions.

: Secondly

Non-commercial content is permitted to be copied, republished or made available to the public. And the source must be mentioned when copying or re-publishing the content, and this is considered one of the knowledge seek literature without forcing the aggrieved party to discuss the procedures followed.

 : Third

The trademarks and trade names mentioned on bestmaxmagzine are reserved for their respective owners.


The news comment and post service on bestmaxmagzine is subject to prior monitoring and will not be activated if it does not fulfill the posting conditions and rules referred to later.

: Fifth

When submitting a post or notification on the transmission form or by commenting on the topics posted on the site, you must follow the rules

: next

- Your contributions should be polite and not offensive to public taste.

- Aggressive or offensive behavior must not be taken against the management of the site or its users.

- No contributions that are illegal, abusive, threatening, harmful, sexual, or insulting to people or classify them on a racial basis, or that they are not acceptable in any other way.

- It is not allowed to send unnecessary messages or material unrelated to the topic of discussion.

Advertising and advertisements for commercial products, people, bodies, internet sites, and all other forms of advertising are prohibited.

- Username must be polite and not offensive.

- You should not refer to other website addresses unless permitted to do so.

Do not repeat the same comment more than once.

The site's language is English and comments are only allowed in English.

: Sixth

bestmaxmagzine site, will use some programs and add-ons that collect data about browsers, be assured  the site does not collect personal data. For more information, please review the privacy policy.

: Seventh

Security precautions: We recommend that you do not disclose any personal information about you or others (such as phone numbers, home address, or email address) in general on Farrja.

  : Eighth

bestmaxmagzine reserves the right to cancel or delete any contribution or suspendbestmaxmagzine a user account at any time for any reason when they do not comply with these terms.

: Ninth

The conditions referred to on this page apply to bestmaxmagzine and all official services of the site, including social media pages and any other interactive services referred to on the site.

: Tenth

The articles and opinions published on the site, and all comments express the opinion of its author and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the site and the editorial board.

: Last but not least

bestmaxmagzine  makes every effort to provide the correct information on this website through rationalization, research, transmission, quotation, translation and assembly, and it works hard to verify the authenticity of this information and sources. Despite this, the site cannot absolutely guarantee the correctness and integrity of the information, nor does it bear responsibility for the results of experiments and research And studies contained within it.

 Changes to our Terms of Use

If we decide to change our terms and policies, we will post those changes on this page, and / or update the date the Privacy Policy was modified below. Policy changes will only be applied to information collected after the date of the change.

 : contact information

Email: admin@bestmaxmag.com

Phone: 00212695595393

This policy was last modified on 12/05/2021

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